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Rachel "Shelly" Lee
May 26, 2022
In Education Forum
Hi classmates, as we all may know our consumption lounge must not be within 1500 ft from any gaming establishment. Nevertheless, this would mean that your lounge can not having gaming? I'm not interested in any casino gaming in my establishment but the question is something to ask The Cannabis Compliance Board. Unless someone here may have the answer. Also, I would like to start a study group in our forum. Any Takers? If so let's suggest times so that we can assure that we are on the road to success. When one wins in this community of social equity, diversity and inclusion we all win. We are now believe or not a part of the history in the making of consumption lounges in Nevada. Good Luck and Prosperity to Us All 💚 NOW LETS GET THIS LOUNGE 🤟🏾🙌🏾
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Rachel "Shelly" Lee

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