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About myself I first came to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1985 to visit with my cousins for the summers. My mother decided to move to Las Vegas in 1989 shortly after my first child was born. I was only 13 at the time. I was not a fan of Las Vegas because coming from Compton, California we never experienced much racism from the residents only the cops. I was determined not to live here in Las Vegas and at the age of 15 I ran away. I was then pregnant with my second child. I was on the streets of Los Angeles until being picked up by a older man who paid a same sex couple crack cocaine to keep me hidden. The ladies lived the lifestyle as hoarders. They never really came out of their room while doing drugs. While they were in their drug state of mind I cooked and cleaned for these ladies every single day. When they came out of there drug phase and notice what I had done. They talk to me and told me that the man had planned on waiting for me to give birth to my son and he had intentions on selling us both off. They were so happy about me cleaning their home that they said they they could not find it in their hearts to go along with the plan any longer and that I should find my family and go home. They said that they will tell the guy that when they woke up one day I was just simply gone. I return to Las Vegas and was determined to make a life for myself and for my two children. Even though I was a child myself, I decided on working on my schooling first and I was watching my brother who was in college for his master's degree. I had aged out of regular high school and had to go to adult education in Las Vegas Nevada which was known as co-star. In 1994 I was then 19 attempting to complete high school.

A friend was visiting from L.A. and we had intentions on going to the movies, the four of us were on blind dates. While waiting for one of the guys to finish getting dressed there was a knock on the door at the Las Vegas Club Hotel from the Las Vegas metropolitan Police department. They barged in the hotel room door yelling and screaming about drugs. We were all in a confused state and so young. None of us had never sold drugs in our lives. My friend was taken into the restroom a a female officer was heard slapping her and calling her names We were all arrested and taken downtown to the Clark county detention center. My only happiness is that after being released on OR is being told that I would not go to prison. I always wondered why would I go to prison on something that I did not do. But I was just so happy to hear the news. After completing my high school diploma shortly a year after I tried to get several jobs the first job that I received. I was hired during the seasonal time AT TOYS R US and shortly after I was fired. My second job was that CIRCUS CIRCUS as a bus person. I was hired and a week later or less I was fired for my criminal history stating that I was a drug trafficker.. My second job was at SLOTS OF FUN as a food runner. I was hired in a few days later I was fired for being a drug trafficker. My third job was at HARRAH'S as a dishwasher. I was hired and less than a week later I was fired for being a drug trafficker according to my criminal history my fourth job was at CEASARS PALACE as a dish washer. I was hired and less than a week later I was fired. All because of what was sent back on my name from that arrest that defamed my name. I never sold drugs in my life I left Las Vegas again to search for a better future and I was just completely done with the racism that was displayed here. I left both of my kids with my mother who was working at the Flamingo Hilton at the time. I went back to California and decided to go to school to become a radiology technician. After completing 14 months of school while sitting in class doing my final exam I was called into the counselor's office and was told once they ran my files to set me up for my externship and to take my state bar exam for x-ray technicians my name came back as flagged as a drug trafficker and so I was denied my opportunity to take the California state bar exam. I went to school for 14 months leaving my kids with my mother and because of this lie that was told in Las Vegas Nevada I was not able to complete schooling. By this time I was devastated and never wanted to see Nevada ever again I stayed in California for a few months alone before sending for my children I eventually got a job at AutoZone in California and after 4 months of service I was fired for the lie on my name.. I stayed in California longer beginning to drink and battling depression, not paying attention to my kids or caring about anything else in life I then turned to food stamps and welfare. I eventually went back to Nevada with my children and could not find a job. I began to drink, gamble and people please. I no longer cared for success. I was a complete alcoholic and gambling addict by the time I was 21 my daughter was 8 and my son five. I searched for some type of satisfaction in alcohol, sex and gambling ignoring my kids completely which led to them both being molested by the age of 9 and 6 by someone who I thought loved me. Once my kids told me as they got older I was so distraught that I searched for this person for 12 more years while drinking and gambling. I was in full addiction and alcoholism by this time. I had plans on meeting this guy hopefully seeing him again in which was once my favorite casino Arizona Charlie's. I remember also thinking that I saw him I asked a complete stranger if he was this guy and what was his name. I had intentions on acting as if my kids never told me anything and I was going to attempt to have sex with him just to slit his throat for the harm he had done to my kids. Another 7 years had passed looking for this guy in a casino while drinking, gambling and sexing my life away when one day out of the blue and old neighbor from that neighborhood we're lived. (Donna Street apartments) approach me while I was pushing the buttons of a slot machine. She asked me how was I doing and mentioned if I heard about what happened to the person that I was looking for. I was so excited because I knew that she was going to tell me where he was and my opportunity to do what was planned was about to come true. I will never forget how I felt when she told me, her words was "girl he died a long time ago a

found dead with a needle in his arm". I had looks for him so long in depression to get revenge but his karma was already the fate by my higher power who I call God. It took a long time for me to forgive myself and even a longer time for my kids to forgive me. Not only was I affected by what they call the war on drugs their decision to defame my name stretched out to my kids as well. I'm thankful to God that I've been in recovery since 2017 and it took strangers from all over the world on a zoom meeting to change the course of my life back to its full intent. I have several purpose for wanting a consumption lounge first money's that are received will go towards two of my goals which are Alzheimer's research for my mother battles Alzheimer's disease and my aunt just passed on 04 07 2022 from Alzheimer's disease and it is hereditary in my family. For this reason I have no choice but to fight before I forget how to fight. My second goal is to fund my nonprofit called Safe Base. Safe Base is a non-profit organization that assist kids in foster care and treatment centers with the opportunity to have an extracurricular activity added to their program. Currently the kids in these treatment centers and foster homes are not involved in any sports or activities. I believe that if a child have a coach and the opportunity to burn off energy more than likely they may not return to the treatment center or their home with the intent on fighting the staff or their foster family because they could simply be just too tired to do so. But not only for that reason these kids deserve to live a normal life just like any other child. If you did read all this God bless you and know that this is not just for me this is for life-changing opportunities for people in research for Alzheimer's and for children who need to know that someone cares for structure that leads to the core of their lives. I have been diagnosed with several disorders one being PTSD and so has my daughter. She and my son is still affected today by the actions of my life. Everyday I give my life and will to God and he leads me through survival one day at a time. I can truly say even if I'm not one of the final applicants. I wish us all continued success, No is only when we stop fighting for our success. Much Success and Prosperity to us all. Rachel,

CEO of Sunflower Compassionate Company and Safe Base 501c3

Rachel "Shelly" Lee

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